Dr. Sara Bumgardner Slagel - Veterinarian


So how exactly did Dr. Sara Bumgardner Slagel become the newest associate veterinarian on the Moore Animal Hospital staff?

Well, for starters, she literally grew up in a veterinary environment. Her father's veterinary clinic was located right below her, so at a young age she was a first-hand witness to the daily hustle and bustle of trained professionals helping animals!

While most young people grow up watching cartoons and playing outside after school, Dr. Sara spent her after-school hours assisting with surgeries and going on house calls. This piqued her interest in biological processes and problem-solving. She wanted to ultimately help nurture and care for animals and continue on her quest for knowledge, and all of these factors made her choice to pursue a career in veterinary medicine a simple one.

Born in mountainous Andrews, NC, Dr. Sara grew up with two older brothers and she shared many memorable adventures with them. She loved learning in all of her high school courses just as much as she enjoyed the competitive fire of playing sports. Dr. Sara credits her parents and teachers for instilling the valuable tools she would use to succeed in her future career. She looks forward to embarking on a new adventure to Fort Collins, CO to begin her new associate veterinarian position at Moore Animal Hospital.

When Dr. Sara isn't focused on veterinary medicine, she can be found at home relaxing with her husband Nick. They have a set of toddler twins, two cats and two German shepherds to keep them busy and on their toes. Dr. Sara finds great joy in spending time at the beach with her loved ones.

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