Dr. Maura Backstrom - Veterinarian


Dr. Maura planted her veterinary career seeds during her dog-filled childhood.

Maura's mother regularly bred and showed dogs; and seven-year-old Maura took an active role in feeding, grooming, and training these high-value canines. She also actively participated in classes and practice shows. Maura soon discovered that dogs were masters at showing unconditional love and acceptance. By the time Maura turned nine, the dogs' love and affection had made a profound impact on her. She developed a burning desire to embark on a veterinary career, as she wanted to give back to the wonderful animals who had enriched her young life!

Born in Missouri, Maura and her family soon moved to southern California; she then lived in Missouri and Virginia before moving back to California. While Maura married and was raising her children, she kept her veterinarian career dream alive and returned to school at age 29 to begin her studies. When Maura and her family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, she finally felt that she had come home. At Colorado State University, Maura graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Degree in Animal Science; and she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree in May 2005.

In 1999, Maura began her tenure at Moore Animal Hospital as a veterinary technician. After working throughout her junior and senior undergraduate years, and through all four years of veterinary school, Maura became an associate veterinarian upon her May 2005 graduation. She bought the Moore Animal Hospital practice in 2012. Maura values the sense of family that exists among the Moore Animal Hospital staff and clients, and she continues to build on those relationships as the practice grows. When Maura's away from the hospital, she enjoys a home occupied by her new husband Mark, two children, four dogs, one cat, and numerous fish. She recently married her long-time best friend Mark in Turks and Caicos. Her son Colton has graduated from college and plans to attend seminary; while her daughter Caitlyn attends Colorado State University and also works at the practice. Maura's youngest son, Christian, loves school, legos, baseball, and Rollerskating. Maura is very active within her church, volunteering as the Youth Missions Outreach Coordinator. She loves watching professional football, especially when her beloved Denver Broncos are playing. She's an avid swimmer and snorkeler and is currently SCUBA certified.

Over time, Maura has gradually downsized her dogs; as she moved from Belgian sheepdogs to border collies and finally to papillons. Her four small female pooches pack a ton of personality into their little bodies. Maia would play fetch all day if Maura let her; while Penelope is definitely the alpha dog who bosses everyone else around. Francisco has honed the term "spoiled rotten" into fine art. Bunny is the papillon with the most personality, constantly making sure Mom has not left the vicinity. The Backstrom family has recently re-entered the world of bigger dogs with the addition of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Poppy.

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