About Us

At Moore Animal Hospital, we provide top-quality veterinary care to pets in our community.

Our staff treats you like family and each pet like our own. We are honored and proud to be a partner in your pet's healthcare team.

As pet owners ourselves, we believe that preventative care with wellness exams are the keys to your pet living a longer, healthier, and happier life.

As a full-service veterinary office, we offer state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics, an array of advanced care, routine and advanced surgical procedures, and many other services to provide your pet with the best possible care.

We welcome new patients to our office and look forward to meeting you and your pet.

Elite Practice Standards

Each and every member of our staff has grown up loving animals and not only do we love what we do, we are passionate about it! Why?

Because interacting with your pet is something that brings us joy! We love to help our patients enjoy better lives, and more importantly, to help their owners learn the best way to keep their animal family members happy and healthy.

For us, it’s not about the money or the accolades. It’s about that enthusiastic wag of the tail; that deep, throaty purr or the nuzzling of a beak against our cheeks.

And as a pet owner, we know you are looking for the best. And to meet your high expectation, we have developed the Main East Hospital Standards which are as follows.

You & your pet will ALWAYS:

  • Be greeted with a smile.
  • Receive a 30 point health exam by the doctor.
  • Be offered all, including the best, medical options.
  • Be referred to the top specialists when needed.
  • Receive loyalty points with every visit.
  • Be able to reach a live person when calling.
  • Have access to payment plan options if required.
  • Receive follow up communication to check in on how you are doing.
  • Be cared for as if your pet was our very own.
Please Note: Same-day appointments are available!